Your One Stop Digital Solution

N & D Consulting and Marketing is a credible one stop location where we provide a wide variety of services including, SEO Optimization, Web Development, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, and Business Strategy Development.

With our team we are looking to expand globally and help clients reach their desired goals. We help our clients increase their revenue and tailor each service to unique clients. We constantly compete with ourselves and experiment thoroughly with modern analytics and marketing techniques before delivering you the services. We put our businesses we work with first and that is what makes us who we are today.

Our strategy is based on going about the mantra that the success of our clients is our success, therefore we take every project personal and give our endless efforts. We structure each service to the clients needs in order to help them meet their goals in their field. Our team meets daily in order to discuss strategies for each client to get the most well-rounded and effective solution.

Our Co-Founders Neelay Patel and Dhevin Gupta started this company in order to help local business compete with the bigger corporations using the same techniques these cash cows use. They started their first E-Commerce and scaled it to thousands of dollars before realizing they could use the same skills and apply it to a services company. They strive to perfect their craft everyday in order to provide the best service to you.