Data Analytics

Data Analytics Services


Nowadays companies thrive off of data. Anything and everything is data. Companies are spending upwards of thousands to millions of dollars for data scientists to forecast data as well as design a hub in order for companies to be able to analyze that data in order to make decisions. N & D Consulting and Marketing has various data analytics tools to utilize sales, units sold, etc. in order to consult your business from a data standpoint. Our trained professionals will discuss their findings and consult your business in the most effective way.


Why Data?


N & D Consulting and Marketing LLC has trained professionals with experience in all types of raw data. Our services include running weekly audits of your company and compiling a file for further discussion. These audits come in either XML or XLS format. We will conduct a meeting in order to go through the results and then conduct a consultation for you to understand how the data can be used to increase your revenue.

  • Website audit to identify pros and cons of your website

  • Sales revenue, inventory, etc. data analysis providing you with a formatted report

  • Forecast report

  • Team consultation

  • Compiled report of improvements

  • A dedicated staff working around the clock


Businesses we work with have been able to develop and improve their business through the analysis we provided. Through the use of data your company can keep up with larger companies and industrial changes. The world has shifted to the Data Generation and we want to help you not only stay with the trends but capitalize on the trends. Many businesses succeed solely on their ability to analyze their companies data and determine a plan in order to thrive in the next quarter. Don't wait until everyone is using data to help their businesses grow, become a part of the trend now!