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An Artist is as Good as his Portfolio

N & D Consulting and Marketing LLC teamed up with VKV Productions to rebrand their old company into a high end contemporary productions company. VKV Productions focuses on creating experiences that bring attention to the beauty, wonder, and mystery of each moment. They strategically develop a plethora of creative techniques in order to create content that embodies your vision. 

Website Development

& D Consulting and Marketing began the design process by conducting a meeting with the CEO of VKV Productions and discussed their industry. Then, we underwent a consultation on how the CEO could rebrand his company in order to create a productions company. N & D designed a contemporary website with a sleek look to entice the company's target market to inquire about his services. 

Because their industry is so cut-throat

and relies heavily on referrals, we

designed a website for people all around

the world to reach and inquire about the

services VKV Productions has to offer.

Multiple areas for contact links and

effective portrayal of content allows

for the potential clients to efficiently

view his work and reach him if need be.



SEO Optimization

N & D Consulting and Marketing provides SEO services to VKV Productions through providing image alt attribute description, meta data tags, and more. As VKV Productions is in the Photography and Videography industries, they know they need compete with many of the bigger companies. We developed a strategy in which VKV Productions will utilize an untapped market on Google and with SEO VKV Productions is getting found more easily on Google. 




Digital Marketing/Social Media Management

Our professionals handle a multitude of social media accounts

including VKV Productions instagram account. N & D

Consulting and Marketing saw an opportunity with VKV

\Productions in which they wanted to take advantage of.

With the rebrand, N & D Consulting and Marketing advised

VKV Productions to do a free giveaway in order to draw traction

to the website and in return will lead to inquiries. With our

effective algorithm, we were able to design captions and hashtag

s for VKV Productions maximizing the number of interactions

with the account. Below is a image of the interactions VKV

Productions received on their first post.

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